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This ironic work of art is inspired by a hilarious and cringy video in which a girl yells at the cameraman "this is the gayborhood; and you're not welcome" , before squealing like an angry dolphin.


As you may guess, "Gayborhood" is a funny misspelling of "neighborhood", and in this irreverent piece of contemporary art, we find it written in the middle of the sentence "you stepped into the worng gayborhood".


This installation, created by Aj Roi in 2023, it's made out of a real STOP road sign, painted with the colors of the LGBT flags; and takes inspiration from the other 2 works on the STOP sign that he created in 2022. The two works in question (one red and one blue) bear the inscription "you stepped into the wrong neighborhood" and are inspired by the American gangs of the crips and bloods.


"WRONG GAYBORHOOD" is an artwork neither against nor in support of the LGBT community; but it just wants to mock the protagonist of the video for his blatant reaction



    60x60cm (23,6 x 23,6 in)

    mixed media on road sign (metal box with reflective film)

    Year: 2023


Ancora 1

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