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Born in '98, Aj Roi (real name Federico Ajello)

 has always been incredibly creative from a very young age .

Already in kindergarten he loved to draw and showed he has

a certain talent, winning several awards.

During the period of middle school, he participated in a graffiti workshop, from which a new passion is born, which, after a while, however, ends up slowly fading up to remain completely hidden for many years.

The passion for graffiti was once again awakened in Aj when he entered a clothing store that also used to sell spray cans ... in that instant, he got the desire to go back to doing some graffiti. Armed with a handful of cans he still had in his garage, he headed to his hometown skate park the same day and started graffiti in his spare time. This gave him a new wave of creativity, which within a few days

gave him the idea of the mini murals on bricks .

Not long after, Aj Roi found a road sign in his grandfather's garage. Still fired up by the rush of creativity, he grinds dozens and dozens of ideas on how to give new meanings to road signs .

federico per io e lui WEB.jpg


While changing the meaning of the road signs,

Aj Roi brings out unconsciously

the topics that crowd his mind most often;

both those that he likes and those that cause him anger, frustration, sadness or fear.

"When I find myself having to do boring tasks

or the ones that annoy me, in a short time, I come up with a lot of original ideas for new works of art.

Over the years I have understood that my brain adopts fantasy like a defense mechanism

to escape boredom and responsibilities"

Through art, Aj Roi puts his imagination to good use in a productive way: it is therefore no longer a useless daydreaming, but rather it becomes the creative force that gives life to concrete objects.

In addition to being able to be appreciated by the whole world, the works of art give Federico the opportunity to look at his own thoughts from the outside (even after a long time); allowing him to get to know himself better and to grow as an individual. 


On one hand, we find "chiller" artworks,

fruit of redirecting the thoughts

from tedious tasks towards pleasant topics that distract and entertain him

(among these, we find artworks of a sexual or ironic nature such as for example: "PETER AND THE MUSTANG",

On the other hand, we find works with a message and a meaning. These artworks serve as an outlet to give voice to his ideas on certain topics and therefore allow him to empty his mind of what would otherwise remain unexpressed thoughts and continue to bother him

(Among these, we find for example: "LET THE CHILDREN PLAY",


Then there is a third categorya of artworks, through which, Aj gives vent to his violent side in a healthy way, freeing himself from thoughts and instincts that would otherwise, could lead in the long run to actions  harmful to other individuals

(this is the case with "GET OFF MY PROPERTY", "SHOOTING", "RUN, MOTHERFUCKER! RUN" and various others)

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