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What appears to the naked eye to be a common italian "youth hostel" sign, actually hides a chilling secret, visible only in another light. By illuminating it with a UV light, many macabre details invisible to the naked eye will now be visible: under the word "Welcome, it will appear "to hell"; the writing "go away" will appear on the house; while between the house and the tree, a ghost and a puddle of blood (probably left by a corpse that was dragged out of the cabin) will appear.


Was the crime the work of a psychopathic killer and the ghost is the victim?

Or was the ghost the one who brutally killed someone?

Will the writing have been the work of the person or supernatural entity who killed and is ready to kill again if you ignore the ultimatum?

Or is it instead an attempt by one of the victims to warn new visitors and spare them a terrible end?

The questions are many... but one thing is certain: this piece of art will leave your guests (but only the right ones) speechless. In fact (whether you look at it in the light, or in total darkness) you can decide (illuminating it with ultraviolet light) to whom to reveal the secrets of this painting; while to all other people it will appear as a normal street sign with innocuous retro-style lettering.


Aj Roi wanted to enrich this signal with rusty scratches and dents to give it an even more sinister aspect, imagining it in the middle of the woods, hit by branches blowing in the wind; and rusted from years of rain. The state of abandonment in which it is found suggests how remote and isolated the haunted house (from which this sign invites you to stay away) is.

WELCOME TO HELL (distressed)


    40x60cm (15,75 x 23,62 in)

    Mixed media on road sign (boxed metal with reflective film

    Only under UV light do (otherwise invisible) writings and drawings appear

    Year: 2022


Ancora 1

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