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This piece of contemporary art, ironic but also containing a deeper meaning, is inspired by a cameo from one of the most beloved animated TV series, in which Peter Griffin fights Homer Simpson on a school bus. During the chaotic and violent fight, while the bus continually skids, Ralph Wiggum is seen sitting in the last seats, laughing and exclaiming: "haha I'm in danger".


The clip, which later became a meme, was the inspiration for this artwork, where we see the yellow child drawn on a real italian danger road sign.

On the metal sign, several holes are clearly visible, left by real 45 ACP bullets. From a more careful observation, you can see that the bullets that pierced the sign were traveling in two diametrically opposite directions: a choice by the artist to represent a shootout, in which Ralph is involved but without taking part.


Ralph realizes that his life is in serious danger, yet he doesn't seem concerned at all. Is the child's laughter just a nervous laugh? Or perhaps he realizes the danger but, given his little life experience, cannot fully understand the potential consequences? There are no right or wrong answers. Everyone chooses the interpretation they prefer. Aj Roi likes to think that the child is actually laughing in the face of death, totally aware of the danger he is in but also serene in the face of that eventuality.






    80 x 27 cm (31,5 x 10,6 in)

    mixed media on road sign (boxed metal with reflective film)

    45 ACP bullet holes

    Year: 2023


Ancora 1

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