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Made on an exhausted spray can, this minimalist artwork is a tribute to Ivano, the security officer who became very famous thanks to the video that portrays him at a Paky concert, while showing an expression that leaves no doubt about what he thinks about the lyrics of the song playing in the background.


Only those who have seen the video in question will be able to fully appreciate the irony that this piece of street-art brings with it.


Made by Aj Roi towards the end of 2022, this work has few details, which however are perfectly capable of bringing to mind the protagonist of the aforementioned viral video. Among these, the following deserve particular attention: the jacket (made with a special paint that glows under ultraviolet light); and the reflective strips of the jacket (which, thanks to special paints and a technique developed by Aj, reflect light like real jackets).

However, the few details are really well studied: note for example the subtle difference between the three blacks (washed black for the T-shirt; full black for the trousers; glossy black for the shoes) which helps to separate the elements , and therefore to give a more amthropomorphic image to the can.

The absence of superfluous details helps to give a feeling of cleanliness, which marries with the concept of recycling and environmental preservation that Aj Roi (giving new life to waste materials) promotes.



    h 18.5cm x Ø 6.5cm (7,3in x Ø 2,6in)

    Mixed technique on used spray can (metal body, plastic cap)

    Fluorescent vest under UV light

    Reflective bands

    Year: 2022


Ancora 1

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