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Drawn on the work in progress sign, the work portrays a person who is "shoveling shit" but with money in mind.

The man depicted does something he does not like ... or even hates, but the thought of money keeps him motivated and gives him the strength to continue, because he knows that what he is doing is part of the path that is leading him to own goal.

Aj Roi has seen himself in this situation many times in the course of his life and for this reason he is particularly fond of the metaphor that this work expresses.


Scratched and rusty and dented, the sign (found at his grandfather's house) was the first ever Aj put his creativity to good use. This same sign was the spark that ignited Aj's imagination and gave rise to all subsequent signs he created.


The same scratches, dents and rust give even more prominence to the struggle, suffering and uncomfortable conditions that this work symbolizes.

HUSTLE (distressed)


    L: ~85 cm (33,5 in) H: ~74 cm (29 in)

    Mixed media on road sign (boxed metal with reflective film)

    Year: 2022


Ancora 1

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