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The harmless little man depicted on the "no transit for pedestrians" sign transforms into a fierce individual, armed with a shotgun and ready to defend his property from any intruder. The inscription "GET THE FUCK OFF MY PROPERTY" surrounds the hole created by a real 12-gauge slug bullet.

The shot, fired from behind with a Mossberg 600 ATP rifle, symbolizes a warning shot that pierces the sign posted to warn thieves to stay away.


Whether you want to put it on your ground as a warning to any strangers, or you want to keep it in your home to decorate a room, it will be an incredible piece of art, ironic and intimidating at the same time, that will leave your guests in awe .



    Diameter 40cm (15,7in)

    mixed media on road sign (metal box with reflective film)

    1 12-gauge slug hole

    Year: 2022


Ancora 1

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