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In this artwork, made on the italian "pedestrian path" signal, AJ Roi, through its pictorial intervention, transforms the unexpressive little man on a blue background into a corpse thrown at the bottom of the sea.


By adding a few elements, AJ was able to change the meaning of this true road sign, depicting -with the simplicity typical of its expressive language- a macabre scene but with bright and cheerful colors.  

In this piece -part of the the series of artworks Aj Roi  use to constructively give vent to his violent side - we can observe a concrete block that, attached to a rope, linked to the victim's foot, keeps it anchored to the seabed. The "X" instead of the eyes, and the red point (which symbolizes a bullet hole in the front) leave no doubt that the subject is no longer alive.



    Diameter 40 cm (15,7 in)

    mixed media on road sign (boxed metal with reflective film)


Ancora 1

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