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Drawn onto the "no transit" sign, the artwork has the appearance of the shield of the most American superhero of all; yes...just the shield known to be almost indestructible...yet here we see it pierced by every single bullet that hit it (real .7,62 bullets, fired from an AK47).

The writing "Made in China" (bottom left) explains the vulnerability of an object which is instead famous for having been able to defend its owner from almost any type of attack.

With this work, Aj Roi invites us to reflect on how, more and more often, many people buy cheap products (often precisely "made in china"), which perhaps more or less closely resemble quality products ... but in fact they do not have the same performance or resistance.


Whether we are talking about the fashion sector, technology or other areas, unfortunately the habit of spending the right amount to buy durable and quality products is increasingly rare; an old and healthy habit, killed by the desire to have everything, immediately and paying little. Cheap and shoddy products that break after a while or which, at best, last just that little while before the owner is seized by the desire to buy the new model, perhaps in a pathetic attempt to impress other people; or perhaps in the illusion that other material possessions can fill a sense of emptiness and make him happy. As the old saying goes: "spend little and you'll spend twice."




    Diameter 60cm (23,6in)

    mixed media on road sign (metal box with reflective film)

    21 holes of cal 7.62 bullets

    Year: 2022


Ancora 1

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