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Aj Roi has transformed the italian "mandatory direction" sign into a work of art designed to be hung above a chair, an armchair, a sofa or a bed, where the arrow can point to your head to proudly state who the boss is.


Alternatively, this piece of art retains the meaning for which it was intended, if you hang it just above a photograph, for example.


Whether you want to assert who is the boss at home, or you want to give your boss a gift, this installation (made in a limited edition of twenty pieces, all hand-painted and signed in original) will be perfect for decorating any space with a touch of blue and a little irony and audacity.


A touch of contemporary art perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, offices, studios and why not even above the bathroom mirror.

Who will you give it to? ...To your man? To your father? To your best friend? Or do you hope someone gives it to you? Only for real BOSSES


  • LIMITED EDITION (20 pieces)

    Hand painted, signed and numbered

    Diameter 40 cm (15,75 in)

    mixed media on road sign (boxed metal with reflective film)

    Year: 2022

    From €300 (first numbers have higher price than the last ones)

Ancora 1

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