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An italian road sign of "limit of 30 km/h" is transformed into a tribute to the famous film "300", which (albeit with some historical inaccuracies) tells of how 300 Spartans put in serious difficulty a Persian army a thousand times more numerous.


Aj Roi painted this artwork using a road sign as a base. The round sign, deeply dented and scratched, reminds of a shield from the bloody battle.

The artist has distorted the original meaning of the signal, adding one 0 and portraying the Spartan King Leonida with the halftone technique.

This method is able to deceive the eye and make it perceive infinite shades of gray through the perfect ratio of black and white points : from a certain distance on the eye is in fact no longer able to distinguish clearly the white and black dots and therefore it "fade" them together giving the brain a hyper realistic image.


  • *SOLD*


    Diameter 60 cm (23,6 in)

    Nitro paint on road sign (box metal with reflective film)

    Year: 2023


Ancora 1

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